Odysseus characteristics that make him a great epic hero

Best answer: epic heroes in many cases are guarded and aided by gods, but posses common qualities and admirable characteristics odysseus, the main character of the odyssey by homer, fits the mold of an epic hero because he is courageous, persistent, and odysseus’ courage exemplifies that characteristics of an epic hero. Telemachus - odysseus’s sonan infant when odysseus left for troy, telemachus is about twenty at the beginning of the story he is a natural obstacle to the suitors desperately courting his mother, but despite his courage and good heart, he initially lacks the poise and confidence to oppose them. I have to write an essay about why odysseus from the odyssey is an epic hero can you help me out with some traits that make him one and in what situations did he show that trait.

An epic poem should have an epic hero and in this case that is odysseus he is the focal point of the action (no author, 2012) his journey is entirely about him, to the point where his actions dictate the fate of all those around him. The protagonist of the odyssey, odysseus is a classic epic hero he is by turns cunning, deceitful, clever, prudent, wise, courageous, and impulsive a distinguishing characteristic about him is that his mental skills are just as strong as his physical strengths, and this ability helps him escape some dangerous situations. These five characteristics of an epic are illustrated in the character of odysseus in homer's the odyssey the first characteristic is exemplified by odysseus taking on extraordinary deeds that are not the deeds of a normal man.

No matter what challenges odysseus faces, he always clearly shows the characteristics associated with an epic hero an important characteristic an epic hero must have is cleverness odysseus's quick thinking, combined with his eloquence in speech and many other characteristics, has become him and his team out of several small situations. - analysis of telemachus in odyssey in the odyssey, telemachus, son of great hero odysseus, who grows up in the world of greed and disrespect where the suitors take over his palace and court his mother, is one of the most significant character throughout the whole epic. Odysseus shows great heroism throughout the epic with his constant courage and infallible leadership, but he is not a typical hero he expresses his emotions and his humanity with compassion and he strongly believes in the greek values. The odyssey / character quotes / odysseus / this quality makes him a good leader but it makes him worthy of being a hero when he gets home, odysseus takes his time plotting revenge when he sees some of the servants sneak off to have sex with the suitors, the spirit deep in [his] heart [] was stirred by this, and much he pondered. Select 3 of the traits of the epic hero and explain how odysseus demonstrates these traits 1 helped and harmed by gods athena helps him select men and poseidon works against him.

The first character trait that separates odysseus for many other people and makes him a hero is that he is very kind odysseus would of done anything to help his crew, and he always looked at the good and positive side of people. Most epic heroes possess most or all of 7 general characteristics you can use to help you decide if a character is, indeed, an epic hero/heroine trait 1: a noble birth •most epic heroes will have an above average station in life. - epic battles, terrifying monsters, extraordinary strength, and great leadership these characteristics and encounters are what make up the epic hero that is beowulf the heroism exemplified by beowulf is defined by many different qualities.

Odysseus characteristics that make him a great epic hero

A true epic hero has many very defining characteristics usually you will find this hero to be the 'alpha male' with an almost super hero personality, epic heroes are extremely above an average human being. The odyssey is an example of greek history portrayed in literature as in all greek literature, the epic hero odysseus answers a call to action, suffers through great confrontation, and returns with a better understanding of life. 10 odysseus strengths and weaknesses also referred to as ulysses, odysseus is one of the characters in homer’s epic, odyssey and also a protagonist in another greek epic, iliad he was a greek hero, the son of anticlea and laertes, a great leader and eloquent speaker.

  • Odysseus epic hero essay examples characteristics of heroes wikipedia odysseus has gained his glory and qualifies as a hero because he made himself reputation that the people of greece 8 mar 2018.
  • No matter what challenges odysseus faces, he always clearly demonstrates the characteristics of an epic hero an important trait that an epic hero must have is intelligence odysseus’s quick thinking, combined with his eloquence in speech and many other characteristics, has gotten him and his crew out of many tight situations.
  • Defining the term: after students have come up with a list of attributes that they believe an epic hero possesses, go over definition and characteristics of a hero ask students to fill out and keep track of the attributes that make the protagonist of your work an epic hero by writing in the answers to elements of an epic hero template.

Epic hero examples and characteristics we can see examples of the epic hero character as far back as the oldest written words around 2000 bc, stories about king gilgamesh were recorded on clay. The epic hero odysseus fulfills the characteristics of an epic hero in many ways such as being wholesome, and showing courage as he goes along his epic journey he shows superhuman strengths in many ways during his experiences, and tremendous courage he is a very strong and great leader, and. Odysseus has many characteristics that prove he is an epic hero because odysseus struggles to overcome the flaws of man, is well-known, and displays cleverness, he is considered an epic hero the first characteristic of an epic hero that odysseus displays is struggling with the flaws of man.

odysseus characteristics that make him a great epic hero By this, odysseus shows respect and integrity, two important characteristics of an epic hero odysseus also restores his reputation after the suitors have ravaged his home in an attempt to destroy his good name and his family.
Odysseus characteristics that make him a great epic hero
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